How to Avail CM Punjab solar panel scheme for Roshan Gharana

Go Solar Panels Now: 25% Down Payment with Roshan Gharana Scheme

The province of Punjab has initiated the Roshan Gharana Scheme, which aims to install solar panels on 50,000 homes to promote sustainable living and renewable energy. Customers only have to pay a 25% down payment under this scheme; the remaining 75% of the cost of the solar panels is covered by government and commercial financing. In this article, we explore the details of this program and how it can help you.

The Roshan Gharana Scheme Punjab

Punjab’s energy environment is set to be revolutionized by the innovative Roshan Gharana Scheme, led by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif. Phase I of the programme is to supply solar systems to 50,000 protected consumers at a budget of Rs 12.6 billion. A fair balloting process will be used to choose these users, who use 100 units of electricity each month.

Down Payment25% of the solar panel cost
Government SubsidyCovers remaining 75% of the cost
Allocation MethodTransparent lottery system
System ComponentsAdvanced solar plates, inverters, batteries, etc.
Eligibility CriteriaConsumers using 100 units of electricity monthly


Key Features of the Govt Solar Scheme Punjab


  1. 25% Down Payment: The only amount that customers must pay upfront for the solar system is 25% of the total cost.
  2. Government Support: The remaining 75% of the cost of the solar panels is covered by government and private funding.
  3. Lottery System: To guarantee equity and equal chance for all candidates, solar panel allocation will be carried out using a transparent lottery system.
  4. Innovative Technology: To ensure maximum performance and efficiency, the solar systems offered under the program will come with innovative solar plates, inverters, batteries, and other accessories.


Benefits of the Program

Several benefits are provided by the Roshan Gharana application, which uses solar energy to heat homes. Not only does it lower residential electrical energy bills, but it also relieves load on the current electrical grid. Additionally, using renewable energy helps to reduce carbon emissions, which promotes cleaner environments for coming generations.

Challenges and Considerations

Although the Roshan Gharana application has a lot of potential, there are currently some obstacles. There are several obstacles in the way of implementing such a large-scale program including the need for infrastructure development. Moreover, coordinated efforts from all parties concerned will be necessary to ensure the protection and long-term survival of solar panels.



The Punjabi government’s Roshan Gharana Scheme is a praiseworthy effort that encourages sustainable living and renewable energy. The program intends to lessen the demand on traditional energy supplies while encouraging consumers to choose sustainable energy alternatives by installing solar panels on 50,000 households. This program provides Punjabi citizens with an excellent chance to switch to solar power and help create a more environmentally friendly future, with a modest 25% down payment requirement and an open allocation process.



Who is eligible to apply for the Roshan Gharana Scheme?

The program is open to protected users in Punjab who use 100 units of power each month.


How are the beneficiaries selected for the Roshan Gharana Scheme?

The government conducts a transparent balloting method to pick beneficiaries.


What is included in the solar system provided under the scheme?

Batteries, inverters, advanced solar plates, and other required accessories are included with the solar system.